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2010-01-17 01:23 am

how high does the sycamore grow

This isn't much, something written for Syvia over on LJ. Dissidia owns my soul, yes it does.

Title: None
Rating: PG?
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy, references to FF1-10
Summary: Chaos builds an army.

then you'll never know )
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2009-06-09 12:24 am

a building that has two thousand floors

Tonight I have a work-in-progress for you fine people: Mizumachi Kengo, from Eyeshield 21. I just got a new book for drawing, so I thought I would break it in with this. As such, I didn't really challenge myself with this (though I probably should have)--male figure, facing left, profile view, etc. So...here it is. As always, I am looking to become a better artist so I would appreciate advice, concrit, ideas or suggestions if you have any to offer.

Mizumachi WIP--Pencils )

If anyone is interested, I also scanned this while I was halfway finished with it and I can upload that as well.

Thank you.
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2009-05-25 08:24 pm


Not much tonight, just a couple of sketches below the cut. I am trying to finalize how I want to draw now, separate from how I used to draw. Clearly, the three-quarter-view and facing rightwards is what I need to practice most.

Demyx Head Turnaround )

Lexaeus Bust )