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If you're reading this, I bet you're thinking about adding/friending/subscribing to this dreamwidth. Great! Let me tell you what you will find here:

♥Essays on Serious Business
♥and maybe a few really major, life-changing personal events.

If you want original works, I'm sorry, but I don't generally put those on the internet. If you've met me through commenting and are interested in updates on my daily life, you would be better served going to my personal journal at tegurunrampant@lj. If you have heard of me as a mocker of fanfiction, then what you want is snakesonasora@lj.

Not all content will be worksafe or brainsafe. I claim no ownership of the various games, manga, etc. found here and my views do not represent those of the creators. Please don't sue me.
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This isn't much, something written for Syvia over on LJ. Dissidia owns my soul, yes it does.

Title: None
Rating: PG?
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy, references to FF1-10
Summary: Chaos builds an army.

then you'll never know )
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Tonight I have a work-in-progress for you fine people: Mizumachi Kengo, from Eyeshield 21. I just got a new book for drawing, so I thought I would break it in with this. As such, I didn't really challenge myself with this (though I probably should have)--male figure, facing left, profile view, etc. So...here it is. As always, I am looking to become a better artist so I would appreciate advice, concrit, ideas or suggestions if you have any to offer.

Mizumachi WIP--Pencils )

If anyone is interested, I also scanned this while I was halfway finished with it and I can upload that as well.

Thank you.


May. 25th, 2009 08:24 pm
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Not much tonight, just a couple of sketches below the cut. I am trying to finalize how I want to draw now, separate from how I used to draw. Clearly, the three-quarter-view and facing rightwards is what I need to practice most.

Demyx Head Turnaround )

Lexaeus Bust )


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